Ejatu Deen, “Queen amina”

Ejatu Deen is a Sierra Leonean hip hop artist based in the United States. She is most commonly referred to as QUEEN DEEN or “Rapper Dem Step Mama” (the rappers’ step-mother). The artist has kept her original name Ejatu to emphasize her realness and commitment to her people and culture.  She is originally from the infamous MOUNTAIN CUT area in Eastern Freetown, which is known to be the rougher side of the city. However, Ejatu grew up in Baltimore Maryland. She and her family escaped the civil war in Sierra Leone in the 1990s, and in the process traveled to The Gambia, Canada, and the United States. In 2016, Ejatu and her current label partner, That Boy Jay, came together and decided to create a platform for Sierra Leonean hip hop and cultivated a dynamic group of artists by networking with producers, artists and promoters alike to create a record label. She is one of the five founding Sierra Leonean artists that created their own record label Team Take Over. According to Music in Africa, Ejatu Deen was nominated for hip hop artist of the year for the National Entertainment Awards (NEAs) in Sierra Leone in 2020. Her latest material is on the Team Take Over album called Hit factory: Volume 1.

For the featured song below, Queen Amina, Ejatu​ takes on the kenyatta​ challenge that was thrown out by fellow Sierra leonean rapper Kao Denero​ by tapping into her alter ego by the name of Queen Amina​. In her song she flows in and out of English and Krio, the pigeon english special to Sierra leone. Her music has a very versatile sound that pairs musical, R&B beats to her rapping. In this dis track her most iconic line was, “Y’all ni***s swear y’all a hundred but you be singing to 12”.

Some more of her music
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