Egypt’s young and beautiful felukah

By: Malaysia Robinson

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Egypt’s new female rapper is one to remember. Sara El Messiry, also known as the young and beautiful rapper, Felukah, has had a huge impact on Egypt’s rap industry when it comes to female artist. While she now resides in New York, Cairo still has a big impact and reflection upon Felukah’s work and songs. She utilizes her natural, yet beautiful curly hair to reflect upon her natural and beautiful country, and she often raps about mentalistic things instead of materialist things like most male rappers today, as she focuses her songs on love, nature, and her life.

In her hit song, Heliocentric, the artist received over 8,000 views since the release on September 17, 2020. Within the song, she makes many different connections with her actual life and her country. She begins with discussing the topic of love with negative connotations as she connects it with toxicity, as she states, “believing your sentences”, however she then takes a turn and discusses the freedom of herself and her people. She talks about how she cannot keep running- running away from love, and happiness.

Within the video, the scene reflects upon the vibe and overall mentality of the artist as well as the lyrics in the song. Felukah gives off a simple and yet vibrant aesthetic, and it shows in the way she dresses, the ocean water in the video, and her overall movements. She plays in her hair throughout the video to give off a slight seductive but playful look, and it added a great and beautiful effect to the overall video. The video took place on the ocean which symbolizes freedom and happiness and joy as most people associate the beach as a playful and joyful time to reflect upon the happiness and love that she can no longer run away from as she mentioned in the lyrics.

Egyptian rapper, Felukah (فلوكا): "I was shocked that people were even  listening to my music" | Cosmopolitan Middle East
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