EDEM – Favour (feat. Efya & Sarkodie)

The song  Favour by EDEM featuring Efya and Sakordie is a tremendous musical message that highlights some essential ideals of Black Positivity. The opening scenes’ whole dynamic provides us with a glimpse of what the root topic will be.  The first scene starts from the skin of a Black woman then proceeds to give the viewer a variety of visual examples advertising the representation of Black Women in various fields. One of the constant images we see in the video is a model with locks wearing gold letters saying “Favour” on top of her locks. This action alone speaks volumes to me because, in our society, we continuously see our Black Queens being criticized about the way they chose to do their hair. However, that is not an ideal that should stay stagnant.

EDEM advertises this in the video by continuously providing instances where Black Women were flourishing in their environment with all types of various hairstyles and clothing. Even in these scenes, there is no shred of male dominance, and it highlights the beauty of Black Women enjoying their various talents. The scenes that happen to include Black men have each individual aiding or seeking to compliment the Black Woman’s prescience somehow. It gives the viewer a sense of companionship and protection being practiced by the Black man towards the Black Woman and shows the viewers that this shouldn’t be a delicacy but a necessity . I think EDEM did all these things purposely to entirely center his song around the black women through their excellence and adaptability. Also, I believe he wanted to communicate that anything available to help Black Women should be used to benefit and nurture them ultimately.  Even the lyrics “no say I live my life for you, put everything pon the line for you” with the combination of female images exemplifies that the Black Woman is everything and more. I also feel like he is emphasizing that Black Women deserve the utmost respect in every facet of society, especially from other Black men. 

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