Eazzy the First Lady of Ghanian Hip Hop

Mildred Ashong, who is more widely known for her stage name as Eazzy, is a Ghanian rapper who has been blazing the hip hop scene since 2010. Born and raised in Accra, Ghana she had a strong educational background which influenced her rap lyrics and style that catapulted her successful career in the Afro-pop / Afro- beats hip hop industry. Her first top three singles were  “Bo Wonsem Ma Me”, “Wengeze” and “One Gal” which earned her top nominations at the 2010 4Syte Music Video Awards as well as 5 nominations at the 2011 Ghana Music Awards. She has proved herself a favorite among the fans and the music industry as she hosted the Ghana Music Awards in 2014 and 2015. Her song “Duna” featuring Quamina Mp was released in November 2020 during quarantine as her fan base couldn’t wait to dance to upbeat song in the clubs as the song gives women empowerment elements and “going out with your best friends” vibes. More recently she has transitioned from the Hip Hop scene to television as she was an official judge for The Next Big Thing and MTN Hitmaker.

Eazzy has not had an “easy” route in the hip hop industry as she experienced managerial differences with her previous label, Lynx Entertainment. Eazzy has been very vocal on how she doesn’t believe in 360 deals. 360 deals are when exclusive recording artists sign contracts that entitle a record label to a percentage of earnings from all of an artist’s revenue streams, rather than just recorded music sales. This is a risky deal for an artist to make as they will receive less money as the higher percentages go to the label and not exclusively to the production needed by that specific artist. As a Ghanian woman, Eazzy defies stereotypes of being quiet, mild-mannered in accepting tempting offers as Eazzy knows her worth and wants more than the management the typical Ghana record labels contribute. She calls for respect and equal opportunities for women in the music industry. 

“Even when it comes to nominations for the Ghana Music Awards, we still don’t have a category for best female artiste of the year, and all of those things matter to us [women]. If you are not celebrating your women in the arts, who would celebrate them for you ?”

-Eazzy (Interview March 2015)

Ghanian Hip Hop is a male-dominated field but the women in the industry make their presence strong and know how women are just as much an important part of the Ghanian hip hop scene.  

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