Double Consciousness by Blitz Ambassador

Double Consciousness (2005) is one of the best albums by Blitz the Ambassador. There is not one song that I do not like. Through every song a powerful message is told and the unity of the album is plain greatness. Blitz the Ambassador’s style and lyrics are maturing as I listen to each of his albums and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with choosing him. 

In this album Blitz the Ambassador doesn’t rap in any other language than English but in track 6 “Riot Music” and track 10 “Sankofa” Africans are chanting and singing in a different language. I do not know the language but I am guessing it would have to be Dangme which is spoken in Accra, Ghana, Blitz’s birthplace.

The main social topic Blitz the Ambassador speaks about is double consciousness. Double consciousness was a term used by W.E.B Dubois to explain that African Americans live two different lives. Because black people are also Black and American we act one way in front of the white community and a totally different way in front of blacks. African Americans act like this even without noticing it. In track 3 “Double Consciousness”, Blitz believes that no matter how far African American have came they are still struggling with double consciousness. He says “Double consciousness the strategy we had to balance getting knowledge in the streets and a college degree”. Also throughout the album he talks about double consciousness and he mentions W.E.B DuBoise in a few of his songs.

Blitz’s lyrics tell us about his own immigration experience in “Memory Lane”. In 1982 he came to the United States with a plan to be one of the best authors. He started to get involved with the Hip Hop game by spending long hours writing his first album Soul Rebel. Blitz was a broke college student and had to pay for studio time from his own money. He never liked the music industry because they didn’t play his music and the music they played was crap compared to his music. So this pushed him to start his own music label. Also Blitz gives thanks to his fans for their support and dedication from the beginning of his career to now.

In Double Consciousness, Blitz represents Ghana way more than he did in his first album Soul Rebel. He dedicatesthe track title “Where Ever You Are” to Ghana showing them that he has nothing but love for the people of his hometown. Blitz addresses the stereotypes that people place on Ghana. He states “they should have used books to teach instead of the National Geographic to see, telling you Africans are living in trees, f*****g illiterate”. Blitz wants his people to have confidence in themselves and in their country. Once this happens they will break free from all the things that are holding them from succeeding as a country. Blitz the Ambassador represents his country through the style of his music in Double Consciousness. In “Sankofa” their are congo drums which gives the track an African style. In “Riot Music”, the song takes place in a village where a rampage is taking place. There is a group of people marching and chanting in an African language. Also a guy on a megaphone states “This is your last warning. Clear the area immediately, disperse now, disperse now”. This represents Africa because a lot of uproars against the government have taken place there throughout history.

Blitz the Ambassador speaks about the lifestyle of people in Africa throughout his album. But in his song titled “Road Less Travelled” he does something very interesting. He compares two totally different children’s life to show that no matter what country people come from that there are terrible things happening to people. This track really opened up my eyes to the struggles of one boy from Ghana, Africa and a girl from Brooklyn, NY. Blitz tells the story of the boy on his Soul Rebel album cover.  At 12 years old he has seen crazy things take place in his hometown. This made him hate himself and he reacted to the struggle in a negative way by killing people at age 13. His choice to kill people could have been avoided if he was adopted. In comparison to the little boy, Blitz speaks about a young girl who has a terrible self esteem and goes looking for love in the streets of prostitution.  I loved how he used two opposite people to explain that the dangerous journey some people go after could never be followed by someone else because situations that the person was put in were too hard for even there own well being.

Blitz most powerful song on Double Consciousness is “Emmet Still”. This is about a young boy, Emmet Till, who was murdered for flirting with a white women. His mother, Mamie Till, pressed charges against the two men who killed her baby boy and the white judge declares the men to be innocent. In the song Blitz states “If we don’t know our history, we are doomed to repeat it”. Also I think Blitz named this track “Emmet Still” to show that even though the killing of Emmet happened 57 years ago that injustice and racism is still present in the United States. So he warns the Black community to know their history because when they know it they won’t repeat the past of their life long journey to freedom.

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