DJ Naida

DJ Naida, like MC Black Bird is based in Harare Zimbabwe, where she worked on the production side of music. But in 2006 pursued her studies in South Africa at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, where she developed her own musical interests.  After she completed her degree, Naida returned to Zimbabwe, and on the website, she is  quoted as saying:

“I refuse to give up on her dream even though by love for music has been tainted by industry egos, hustlers, fake promoters, opportunists and thieves”.

Reverbnation describes Naida as a, “female DJ/Producer/Female Rapper/MC/Songwriter/Artist fro Harare.  In 2011 she was Zimbabwe’s number one female DJ. 

Naida, clearly does not want to be known as just a performer, but is not so popular or well-known outside of Africa, however, she does rap in English.!/djnaida

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