Dip Doundou Guiss “CALIFAT”

Dip Doundou Guiss’s music video “CALIFAT” goes so hard! I found myself watching his music video several times just in awe of the visual aspects and musicality of the song. Maybe this is coming from an American standpoint, but I truly adore the fact that most of the song is in Wolof since all I hear on the radio are English-speaking songs.

Hands down I sincerely believe that Dip Dondou Guiss is one of the best rappers to be in the rap game in Senegal, if not Africa as a whole. Although I cannot understand Wolof myself, his musicality is just very amazing. Dip just goes bar to bar with an amazing flow and rhythm, and in my opinion, is unparalleled to most rappers today.

What I love about the music video “CALIFAT” is that still with his elevated status in society, he is still seen in his local communities. I feel like many rappers today lose touch with reality and their communities at home. It is such a breath of fresh air seeing rappers like Dip in his video interacting with the youth and locals of his community and just treating them as family. Another aspect of the video is that Dip is not afraid to show the reality of the issues that his community is facing. In the same breath, the video brings a vibrant smile to my face because there is a ray of positivity shown in it. I love seeing rappers embracing hip-hop culture such as streetwear, break-dancing, etc. I believe what sets this video apart is that we are seeing the influence of Dip’s music impact this community among the young and old. The video panes to children who are dancing to his music and also elder people who are also embracing his music. His video is shot with such amazing cinematography that does a beautiful job illustrating his community in a positive light while also acknowledging some of the problems that his community faces, such as poverty. Nevertheless, Dip is such an amazing artist and I am genuinely excited to see what is more to come in his young career.

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