Devour Ke Lenyora

Unlike the other posts I’ve written on African hip hop artists, this post is on a female artist. Devour Ke Lenyora is a female emcee from South Africa, specifically Daveyton, East Rand Johannesburg. She is not a well known artists but is working on her sound and image in order to be recognized in the hip hop community. Lenyora’s sound is not the typical upbeat, fast-paced sound found in modern day hip hop. Instead, her music has been described, by blogger Stefanie Jason, as a  “laid back flow that eases out lyrical mastery over gritty boom-bap beats.” After reading about Lenyora, I listened to one of her songs form her mixtape “We’re Almost There,” called “Blood on My Hands 2.0.” The song, in my opinion, included a jazz vibe with a natural flow. It was similar to a J.Cole or Kendrick Lamar record.

It may not be a well known fact, but female emcees in South Africa were never respected as much or accepted by their male counterparts in the industry. Despite the lack of support that female artists receive, they continue to do what they love doing. Many of these women say that they believe the lack of respect pushes them to work harder, in order to do what people said couldn’t be done. When asked her opinion on being a woman on the scene, she replied by saying that she didn’t see it as a con. Instead as a pro because there is  so much room for her to be noticed.

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  1. There are mix tape I was listening to when I was in high school around 2011. Devour ft abyfab the songs were amazing I left in Love with her music. It is hard to get her music. Where can I get her old mixtape

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