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Daara J is a hip hop crew from Dakar N’Dongo D and Faada Freddy, Who would have known the two guys share the same artistic ideas and dreams of cultural and social emancipation. Both start working together while still in high school in 1992 they raped in Wolof. Their musical inspiration and influence came from Faada’s uncle, Boubacar that was passed on to them such as African Bambaata, grand master flash which many know of. The two musical genre came from the American scene. While they formed a brotherhood they learned how to breakdance they spoke Wolof, French and English. Daara J performed more than a 1,000 concerts opening up for hip hop artist such as Wyclef Jean, Most Def and other acts. Daara J eventually added a third member to the group Lord Alaji also from Dakar they all hit it off and began to make fire music in the hip hop world. Their first cassette album came out in 1994, which they sold thousands of copies that encouraged them to really pursue their musical careers and focus on hip hop. As a group Daara j traveled across the world promoting their album in France in 1996. The tri performed concerts in Paris where they met producer from Delic recording label, they were signed right on the spot. Which led to studio recording and 1st cd album, Daara j released in 1997 distributed by Sony music. Things were happening fast for these Senegalese fellas. The trio released their second album in 1998 called Xalima was designed as a past, present and future trilogy that was recorded in Senegal by an English and French engineer. The group album was out during the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery a painful period of African history for Daara j. Daara j created their own hip hop that consisted of reggae, soul, and hip hop. In 2000 the group was on the road doing European tours, France, Belgium, Spain and Germany their third album Boomerang was released in 2003 which featured popular American hip hop artist. In 2010 they lost their third member Lord Aladji man who left the group due to some conflict with the other two members. N’Dongo and Faada still stuck together and changed their name to Daara J Family the two took off and finished strong still touring and traveling the world they presented their new album in July 2011. May 20, 2011 they performed at the capital Quia Branly museum as part of the festival and won the award for Best African Album at the BBC World Music Awards.
Music review

Faada Freddy a member of Daara J states that “tasso is the original form of Rap ancient rhythmic poetry passed down from father to son. “Historically, people in Senegal would use tasso to talk about their environment, their living conditions, and the situation of the country and their hopes for the future.” Meaning that what they rap and sing about is based upon their history and country. Daara J music that I have listen to talks about tradition and heritage in the spirit of their own mission. Their music has a nice rhythm to it, reggae mixed with hip hop, soul and R&B, Latin and Cuban music it very catchy and groovy I really like it. When you hear some of the tunes then you will since a sound of Most Def, Wyclef Jean and a little old school. One of their songs called School of life discusses the bruised history by the 400 years of slavery the struggle for freedom. If many haven’t notice if you listen to African hip hop artist they also discuss the issues of freedom politics, white supremacy, and country problems. Daara J is one of them artist positive black soul is what you get from the group. Their music album Boomerang is based on the idea that hip hop was born in Africa. Daara j music talks about the daily life and future aspiration, not to mention they speak on peace in the music because it’s so much going on now days peace is something that brings unity as a whole and that is what they want people to know all over the world that is why their music is a popular hit. They focus on educating the people about Africa the life on the continent through their songs because as we all know in school they don’t teach much about Africa nor black history only the basics. They want people to know about Africa and not just the negative part about it like the corruption, and AIDS even though yes that do exist but to understand that Africa has a lot to provide they are a rich continent. So their music promotes a lot of activists work.

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