Come Back: The New Age of Apology Rap

Famed Ghanaian rap sensation, Medikal, released a new single titled, “Come Back,” in collaboration with Kidi. This song diverts from MDK’s typical heavy beat and quick flow for melodies comparable to the ones found in your typical afrobeat records. This came as a last-ditch effort to get long-time girlfriend and actress, Fella Makafui, back after causes unknown to the public broke them up. The initial video was a pictorial of the pair through the years with the song playing in the background. Sampling Lucky Mensah’s hi-life hit, “Old School (Come Back to Me),” MDK pulls all the stops to drive home the message of repentance and essentially pleading that he needs his partner by his side regardless of what was done to prompt the split. 

Public apologies have become all the rage this past year as social media and announcements of grief have been used to leverage failing relationships. Migos rapper, Offset, made similar leaps to get wife, Cardi B, back. Will apology rap be the new wave in the hip hop realm? Or is it just another show for the media to pressure people back into relationships that should have ended? In MDK’s official music video, it displays a distraught partner refusing to head to apologies after finding some incriminating information on his phone. The video goes on to show him as being somber as he pleads for his love to come back to him as he says (translated) “I won’t do it again” and that “I am a hard guy and yet every day there are tears.” Personally, this is an interesting route to take but nonetheless, it worked in not only winning the public’s heart but Fella Makafui’s too. 

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