Cloud Tissa- Music Review

In 1998 Tissa released his first single called “Laumu” which means respect in Swahili at the age of 15. After, he teamed up with artists Rufftone and Eddy and released a single called “Its up 2 U” which rose up to the #1 charts in the Metro Fm countdown. He was even on the BBC radio station along with many other well known ones. He then toured with a super African star called Sali Oyugi with the Hot Road band. Soon after he released his first album called “Chapter 1” that had songs like Sunshine Lady with a music video that won the air wave in Africa and his song aired in Europe too. Very few Swahili songs ever air in Europe. Other tracks in that album included such as Ngoma and Dusk til Dawn.

His recent album called “Physically Fit” has a different flavor to it. It’s a mixture of Urban Afro beat, Dancehall, Zouk, and Hip hop. This album contains 16 tracks and some of these are Cloud 9, Respect, Huyo Dem, Paid, and the number one hit called like the album, Physically Fit. This album was really meant for all those club lovers. Over the years he has done some incredible work with artists such as B-Nice, Femi, Prince Zeka, and Rens Newland. He has also appeared in international shows with huge artists like the Wailers, Third World Lucky Dube, and many more. Cloud Tissa’s unique artist style I’m sure will cross boundaries.

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