Cloud Tissa- biography

Cloud Tissa was born on September 9 in Rwanda, Kenya. Since the early years of Cloud Tissa it was obvious he had a love and talent for music. At the age of 13, he wrote a song called “Heshima” which meant respect in the Swahili language. He performed for the first time in a rap battle in Nairobi where he won the battle and found out that music performance was his call. In 1998, at 15, he released his first album called “Laumu” meaning blame in Swahili too.

Cloud Tissa is truly a perfectionist while rehearsing because he really wants his audience to see the best performance out of him. The audience deserves to be left with an amazing experience. He has appeared in many international shows in places like Europe, Africa, America, and Asia.  He is currently living in Vienna, Austria and released his latest album called “Physically Fit.”

His personality is quiet and reserved. He is the kind of guy who is shy off stage but wild on it. Cloud Tissa is a very respectful person and stays true to himself with values. He is neither a drunkie nor a drug addict. He loves to have friendships and enjoys every single experience in life. He is still a kid at heart because you can catch him running around, joking, swimming, or maybe eating his favorite’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream or cakes.

Cloud Tissa has been one of the few Swahili artists to have songs aired in Europe and to top the charts for months in a row. One quote that I really liked from him was “If there was no music I would have invented music, and if there was no music industry, I would have become the music industry.” With this being said, no matter what we would have had good influential music in our life guaranteed.

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