Chris Kaiga – I WANT (ft. Mutoriah)

Chris Kaiga is a Kenyan-based artist (rapper) born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. His love and passion for music started in 2009 with the ambition of being a music producer but soon changed after recording his first single in 2011. He’s had hits with songs like ‘Zimenice’, ‘Niko on’ and ‘Bundaz’. He takes a distinct creative approach when it comes to the visuals of his videos. He’s defined his sound as a mixture of Sheng, uptown beats, and conceptual videos.

”I WANT” featuring Mutoriah is part of his most recent album released in 2022: ”Adventures of Chris Kaiga.”

This song is rapped in Swahili, but the chorus is in English. I really enjoyed the flow despite not understanding it. It’s a catchy song that made me want to get up from my chair and just groove. Usually, I like to categorize songs in either of the 4 times of the year, in this case, I’d put it in summer: it reminded me of getting ready to go out on a sunny August day. The unique music video complemented the song very well. You could have watched the video by itself on mute, and you would have understood the meaning of the song and what was being rapped. In a way, it reminded me of Wes Anderson’s style.

From the video’s description of “I WANT”: The song ”covers several important themes including a young man’s quest for love and the steps he takes to pursue it. These themes range from his fame to his wealth to the numerous interactions he has with multiple characters in his journey. Chris uses the song to talk about his ‘somewhat’ successful journey through the dating scene and how he has been able to surmount all the obstacles. The song also alludes to a common Kenyan playground rhyme “I Want I Want” that carries nostalgic memories for the artist and his audience.”

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