CHIKA is a name to remember in the rap game, she is a true talent and genuinely charismatic and funny, and relatable to her fans. Jane Chika Oranika a rapper, songwriter, poet, model, and actress. She first garnered attention on social media and was Grammy-nominated. She highlights both her Alabama roots and Nigerian roots. Chika is the daughter of Nigerian parents and is of Igbo descent.

Chika recently released her second EP, “Once Upon a time” leaving fans wanting more, and illuminating her struggles with her sexuality identifying within the LGBTQ+ community and growing up black. She highlights her Nigerian roots through her lyrics and incorporating different beats from the African Diaspora. Her inclusive messaging has been her truest form for all of the groups that she identifies with. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she talks about her time as a teenager and getting in trouble for putting up a BLM flag in the hallway; “ “I remember the shift between my mom being mad about that to her understanding,” Chika recalls. “I explained to her that I felt like my dad could’ve been Eric Garner and that I had to say something. My parents have always heard me out for that reason.” This not just her parents but her fans and the world. Her tiny desk is one that I can recite by heart including her funny jokes, but more importantly, her lyrics were remarkable through the stripped-down version. Last summer she was constantly using her platform to amplify voices within the community and around the world. She also was protesting right alongside everyone elsewhere her words truly align with her actions. Another example is her performance on Jimmy Kimmel where she performs Richey v. Alabama”, a song, dealt with Alabama’s 2019 Abortion bill.

 Essentially her lyrics explore her vulnerability and insecurities but also are empowering and a reminder that she is authentic with what she puts out. Through this authenticity, she represents Alabama and Nigeria in different ways from her lyrics to her beats. 

In this performance, she seamlessly transitions between verses and melodic hooks, putting on center stage her multi-cadence deliver, and an effortless vocal range. She also is just seeming to get started but continues to be making her mark and taking the CROWN.




An older freestyle from 2018

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