CHika – “Balencies”

Jane Chika Oranika, better known as her stage name Chika, is a 23 year old upcoming female MC from Montgomery, Alabama born to Nigerian immigrants.  Chika first gained some notoriety after a freestyle posted on Twitter went viral that critiqued Kanye West’s political actions over his own beat.  Since then, she has made a fan of several rap giants including Cardi B, P. Diddy and Wale.  She signed to Warner Records in 2019 and made the XXL Freshman Class of 2020.  

Chika is a queer, plus-size woman who does not shy away from addressing and celebrating these parts of her indentity in her music.  Topics regarding sexuality and body positivity are not common or even fully accepted in African hip-hop, but, as a diasporic rapper, Chika has used her platform to bring awareness to these issues.  She also explores subjects like mental health and social issues like the Black Lives Matter Movement.  The embracement of these themes fits right into the traditions of other African hip-hop artists that use their music as social commentary. 

It is also important to pay attention to the more confident and lighter aspects of her music that fits the mold of popular or commercialized hip hop.  In the song “Balencies” on her latest album “Industry Games” released in March of 2020, we see Chika seamlessly weave together both sides of her music.  She reflects on her journey to success which has allowed her to acquire expensive items like Balenciaga shoes. “I got Balencies in the bathroom I used to be feening for ‘em, dreaming in the classroom”.  However, she also discusses her struggles with mental health and body positivity saying, “And the world is conversating ‘bout your waist line, Amd mental health days make you guilty, ‘cause you waste time, I’m fighting everybody demons, but can’t face mine”.  Chika weaves together her American and Nigerian background through her style and pen.

Instagram: @chikalogy

Twitter: @oranicuhh



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