Chanda Mbao – The Final Wave (ft. Skales, Jay Rox & Scott) Video Review

Music Video

“The Final Wave” by Zambian hip hop artist Chanda Mbao featuring Skales, Jay Rox & Scott was released on the 13th of June 2020. The song is primarily performed in English with minor parts being recited in a Zambian local dialect. It is a celebratory song at heart as the artists parade their accomplishments through quiet lyricism, elaborate hand movements and colourful outfits in the music video. 

Most of the video is taken from a low angle shot. In cinematography, this angle constructs the characters to look strong and powerful. This characterization is consistent with the lyrics of the song, which paint admired men who have achieved their goals: “I got it, I got it, now I’m the topic/I told you I’d do it, I look like a prophet…” It further creates a ‘hip hop’ persona that is arrogant and extremely sure of himself. 

The aforementioned strength is further highlighted by the clothing choices in the video. The construction vest demonstrates the musicians’ masculine strength and the pitch dark glasses stress that they are mysterious. This effect is emphasized by the darkness of the video. Even so, the video still has a lively mood as a result of the bright coloured jumpers and trousers the musicians wear throughout it. This contradiction allows them to appear to be down to Earth and approachable. It is an appropriate balance for musicians who are still discovering their ground. 

The artists additionally employ a crowd in the video. This choice brings about a communal mood, which accentuates the lyrics of the song in which the artists brag about how much they are supported. It is further reminiscent of Stormzy’s 2017 masterpiece “Blinded By Your Grace.” In the song, Stormzy celebrates religious, racial and gender diversity. It is a beautiful homage to the unity that the world is attempting to achieve.  

Moreover, the Mbao’s video features shapely women like most mainstream hip hop videos do. While this choice could underline the artist’s masculinity, it is cliche and brings the quality and lighthearted mood of the video down. In spite of that, the video is alluring and filled with positive energy. 

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