Catalyst for Change: exploring Okyeame Kwame’s Lyricism and artwork in “COme Home”

Social and political issues have become a catalyst for many artists to draw inspiration for their music. Not only are hip hop artists able to express their passions through their lyricism, but they also spread awareness to their audiences at large. A plethora of hip-hop artists convey important societal messages and compel their audiences through their insightful work. 

Okyeame Kwame, also known as Kwame Nsiah-Apau or the Rap Doctor, is a notorious Ghanaian rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and creative director. His lyrics often incorporate didactic themes, poetry, and social consciousness.

Kwame is distinguished for his dual-artistry in his lyricism and music video visuals to communicate political and social themes. His song, “Come Home,” embodies his incredible ability to portray societal problems. It addresses the repatriation and freedom of Black people in the diaspora. It encourages the African diaspora to return to the continent and contribute towards its advancement.

He introduces the song with a narrated history of Ghana, including the Europeans’ exploitation and enslaving. Beautiful and colorful animations accompany his narration. He emphasizes how Africans worldwide are still being killed, including visual animations of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter Movement in America. Kwame then states how he and the featured artist Sizzla Kalonji are “on a mission to bring back home the kings and queens of Africa.” He says, “Africans around the world, it’s time to come back home… and remember you not alone.” In the video, his character travels around the world and visits many Black men and women who have made history, like Serena Williams and Michelle Obama. Through his powerful lyrics, upbeat rhythm, incredible flow, and beautiful visuals, he promotes Black unity worldwide. Furthermore, he reminds Africans that they are all in this together. With the continued discrimination targetting the Black community and the unprecedented times that we are in regarding the pandemic, Kwame’s “Come Home” could not be a more perfect listen to get you thinking and moving at the same time!

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