Candy For Your Eyes

Blitz the Ambassador. Just from the name you can get the feeling that this man is a well travelled, well versed rapper. Coming from Accra, Ghana he has been in the game since 2000 and has only grown deeper into his craft.  Blitz the Ambassador’s videos are some of the most visual creative I’ve seen. I love them because they tend to tell a story. In his music video “Running” Blitz uses his video to speak on the topic of spirituality. The concept of the video is that you can run from spirituality but you can’t hide from it. The video reflect this message in the story it tells

The video is first set at an intimate African wedding. A scene of black love taking place on a beautiful outdoor staircase. An live afrofunk beat is dropped and everyone is dancing. An orisha carries an unmoving boy through the wedding to her house to bless him. We see two demolition men come to the door of an orisha. The orisha opens the door and two boys that she blessed come forward. Here the two men are symbolic of antagonism towards spirituality, only present for the purpose of its destruction. The orisha then proceeds to send the boys after the men and they chase them through the streets. By sending the blessed boys after the men, the orisha shows the power of the spirituality, through blessings, to ward of the threats of antagonism. Then  men are then chased into interrupting the staircase wedding from the beginning. This shows how antagonism is stopped its tracks when it runs into black love. The full circle-ness of the video eludes to divine intention, showing its power and connection with spirituality. The orisha then releases the doves at the end of the video represents the workers freedom from antagonism once introduced to black love.

This type of uplifting black message, through symbolism is the type that I would like to see more of in America. These types of messages and lessons through are so important and Blitz the Ambassador definitely does a good job intertwining them in his music and art.

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