Bucky Raw Impresses in First Listen

Hip Hop across the Atlantic may be much younger and uniform, but the bonds that tie black cultures together across the pond begin to show in this Liberian song. BuckyRaw raps in what seems to be Liberian creole through most of the song, with the video displaying dancing club-goers enjoying the tunes in the background. This Liberian “Hip-Hop” track, titledJeh Leh Y’all, sounds much more like an afro-beats song than traditional American rap, but the experience is just as enjoyable. Not being able to fully decipher the lyrics, (although I tried my best to compare it to my native Patois), didn’t deter me from enjoying the flow and tempo of the song. The artist, BuckyRaw, seems to be one of the most prominent Rap artists in Liberia, as most searches looking for Liberian Hip-Hop seem to yield him first before any other artist. This is seemingly very well deserved, as his videos are kinetic and inspiring, giving me joy that rap is flourishing in Liberia.

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