Breis – The Right Person ft. Ebisan

British Nigerian hip hop/afrobeats artist Breis is dynamic rap artist based in the UK. Bries’ name is actually an acronym which stands for Brother Reaching Each Inner Soul. His childhood was spent between both Nigeria and the UK. The Nigerian culture deeply affected and still affects the sound of Breis’ music which fuses hip hop, jazz and Afro-beat. He is an author (Brilliant Rappers Educate Intelligent Students), a CEO (Student of Life LTD — a Hip Hop Education company and record label) as well as an activist for equal opportunity to education. He does work in school across the UK, the US and in Mauritius and Mozambique on top of being such a talented artist and musician.

His new single “The Right Person” features soul singer and songwriter Ebisan and was premiered by several radio stations across Nigeria. In this song, Breis is speaking on the idea of marriage being something that people are starting to rush into rather than taking the time to find the ‘right person’. He’s basically telling his listeners not to give into the pressure that relatives put on them to get married fast. In an interview Breis talks more about the personal inspiration behind the song, claiming that he “wrote the song to address the biggest obsession of our parents — marriage. The pressure to be married in some cultures can be really overwhelming at times and I wanted to express the fact that yes marriage is beautiful but people have to get there without that constant external pressure”.

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