“Boss Zonke” Riky Rick


Rikhado Mikhado, better known by the stage name Riky Rick, is an esteemed South African rapper and producer, who is also known for his certified Gold record: Family Values, and his award winning music video for his song, Nafukwa. Riky Rick is also a composer, record producer, writer, and actor who is signed to his own independent company and record label: Makhado Makhado Agency.

The rapper’s more recent single: “Boss Zonke” was released in October of 2014, and gained attention as an upbeat club-banger that carries a strong sound with the inclusion of percussion and synthesizers. The lyricism suggests the rapper’s reiterated separation from the rest as a trendsetter who is commonly looked to for inspiration.

The bridge:

“Ngithi everything I do they wanna do, they wanna do Everything I say they wanna say, they wanna say Everything I do they wanna do, they wanna do Everything I say they wanna say, they wanna say”

The rapper also expresses parts of the song’s verse in his native language:

“Elokshini, usabani usemasabhabsini? Usabani usemasabhabsini? Usabani usemasabhabsini?”

Which when translated is symbolic of Rick’s impoverished and violent upbringing. He also states that people who exist under more privileged or wealthier circumstances have nothing to fear.

Another transparent line expresses the following sentiment:

“You prima donna rappers act stuck up You talk too much, nigga shut the fuck up Everybody outchea tryna eat”

Which has been said to represent the ongoing feud between rappers AKA and Cassper, who have been battling through suggestive tweets and competition as it pertains to their careers. Most importantly, the need for unity is expressed by the rapper, who also feels that there is a lack of concern for the growth of the hip hop industry in Africa.



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