Boity – “Own Your Throne”

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Boity Thulo is a 30-year-old rapper, actress, and television personality. She was born in Potchefstroom, South Africa, and is greatly known for her work in the television and music industry. Boity had the opportunity to go to college and attended Monash University. After her school years, she pursued a career in film and television in 2011. She would take on co-host and host roles in multiple South African shows such as Club 808. To this day, she continues to be involved in her role as a TV host. Nonetheless, this did not prevent her from pursuing her passion for music which led her to release her first single in 2018 titled “Wuz Dat” where South African rapper Nasty C joins her. Despite being new to the South African hip hop music industry, she was the first 29-year-old female rapper to go platinum in South African history. Due to her huge success after her first single, she has had the opportunity to strengthen her role in the music industry during these past three years.

In 2020, Boity came out with a single titled “Own Your Throne.” Throughout the whole music video, viewers have an image of Boity seated on a throne with jewels falling around her. The inclusion of herself in the music video is a very significant move. The use of vibrant colors helps her portray herself as a strong, powerful, and fearless woman. Tactics like the one used in Boity’s video give women in countries like South Africa an opportunity to claim a place in their communities where the power and voice of women tend to be limited due to men-dominated societies. Throughout the song, she emphasizes the lyrics “Allow me to introduce myself, I am a queen” and “I wear the crown with all my queens, I don’t worship it.” As mentioned throughout the readings, women in the hip-hop industry form a small portion compared to men. Therefore, women supporting one another is such a helpful and comforting act. Unity and acknowledgment make the women’s hip-hop artist group stronger. Nonetheless, the use of braggadocio is also present in this case which commonly allows women, like Boity, to create a name for themselves and declare a spot in the hip hop industry.

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