Blitz the ambassador’s Pan Africanist language in “Hello Africa”

The song, “Hello Africa” by Blitz The Ambassador is a song that has Pan Africanism all throughout it. Blitz the Ambassador shouts out almost every country.  He uses positive words and phrases about all African countries. Blitz the ambassador had something positive to say about all the countries. For example he said “Ghana jolof Nigeria jolof argue which is better”. I liked this line because he was praising both places for their food. Instead of putting them against each other, he uplifts both places. This is a twist from what I seen from typical songs about Africa which  rap about all of the negative things that comes with the country. He uplifts the culture of Africa and speaks on the food, the party lifestyle, weather and many more positive attributes. This song was a very unifying song for the African continent. Apart of the chorus he says “24/7 stay up on your grind, worldwide Africans bound to blow your mind”. While listening to this, I felt happy knowing there is a song out there that doesn’t talk about Africans killing each other or finessing each other. Blitz the ambassador is a “super MC” and uses English and African dialect to promote Pan Africanism. He did a good job of connecting all the countries through African unique culture. He frequently uses a lot  of African dialect. During the song, he says “Asante Sana”, and refers to a country which means thank you. It made sense to use different African languages since the whole song is about embracing African identity culture and lifestyle. He did rap in English the entire time, however it was African lingo heavily incorporated. I would like to see more African artists in the United States and Africa when rapping about Africa to always make an effort to show it in a positive light. I know that the corruption and social issues can be a distraction, but there are many aspects of Africa that need to be highlighted.

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