Blitz the Ambassador: Stereotype Album Review

This is Blitz the Ambassador’s third album and this album is a little different from the last two he has made. This album kind of relaxes on his social and political awareness thinking and more into just making music. A lot of these songs started off with instrumentals which took up the beginning of the song. A lot of these songs were not easy to listen to and felt nothing while listening to them.

There are some songs that are true to his style like “Ghetto Plantation” which is what he calls jail. He says that more and more of his people are ending up there and becoming slaves all over again. Another song that stands out from the rest is “Lover’s Remorse” in which he talks about a woman the whole song and how he is in love. This is almost strange to see from Blitz because he strikes you as a leader concerned with politics and society and then throws that in there. This makes it easier for people to connect with him on all levels which may be his strategy.

He does not represent Africa so much other than the beats and sounds and the occasional reference to his country. I feel this album was intended for the general audience but at the same time being able to give his two cents on the problems of society. He doesn’t mention anything out of the ordinary which is the big difference in this album.

Overall I feel this album didn’t have much to offer except for a good song or two. A lot of these songs had no meaning and by the time he did start rapping I wanted to change it because of all the beginning music. Up to this point I feel this is his poorest album but with that in mind, he still makes sure to explain how he feels about some issues.

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