Blitz the Ambassador: Soul Rebel Album Review

To start off, the album title tells you what he’s about and what he plans to show in his first album. Throughout the album he refers to himself as a “soul rebel” and how he feels about it. Right from the beginning in the song “Self Portrait” he starts to tell you about how grew up and what he has been through. To me that is very important because he wants to make that connection with people right away and sort of put them on his side.

What I noticed about Blitz is that he likes to rap fast and the use of different type of instruments that he uses to give his music a different feel. This style of music could appeal to different audiences because although he is a rapper the sound of his music might tell you otherwise. Another thing that I liked about Blitz is how he preaches to the people to get their involvement in his “movement.” He speaks about social and political problems and what the people can do to help fix them. This is evident in the song “Black Market” which he says that everyone is walking around with a price tag in the black market. He is against all of his people being sold out and how they are killing themselves.

He represents Africa only in the sense that he came from there and that times are hard there. In the song “Aluta” which I found to be A Luta Continua which was a struggle for the Mozambique. He relates their struggles to those of other people, like drugs, violence and crime. I believe his audience is for anyone that is going through hard times and this may be inspirational or at the very least moving. I like and respect the ideas that he puts forward in this album and it is a great start for his “movement.”

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