Blitz the Ambassador: Native Sun Album Review

The standing point of this album is how he represents Africa. This album represents Ghana and Africa to the fullest in most of these songs. It is clear that he had this album dedicated to his homeland and for his followers. He touches on a lot of topics ranging from his music career all the way to the poverty that is present in Africa. Another difference from this album to the rest is the use of languages that are not English. It makes it difficult to listen to and understand but it does a different flavor to his music.

I feel like this album was more of him reminiscing on what he left behind and how he feels about the situation that his country is experiencing. For example, in the song “Dear Africa” he refers to Africa as his mother and how he praises her and won’t ever forget her. He also says that many people have come and go but that not too many are like Blitz and how he continues to speak well of Africa.

Another topic which Blitz feels strongly about is immigration to the United States and the struggles immigrants go through. In the song “Native Sun” he talks about how immigration is tough thing to go through and how life is different for them. One example he gives is how they have to find jobs to pay them under the table. Another issue that he talks about is how people take advantage of Africa’s image for their own benefit which he raps about in the song “Free Your Mind.” He talks about how Africa is seen a certain way and how charities and other organizations take it for granted.

Overall this album is very different from the rest because of its foundation which is Africa and Ghana. It also sounds different in the sense that more native instruments are used in the beats. This album is intended for people that can share his perspective such as African immigrants or anyone that wants to listen to what he has to say.

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