Blitz the Ambassador: Double Consciousness Album Review

This is the second album by Blitz the Ambassador and in contrast to the first; he takes almost every song to talk about something going on in the world. This album also seems more aggressive in the style and lyrics he has chosen. He seems more in self-defense mode and ready to fight against anyone. This album also gives you the feel that he wants you to join his movement in becoming more knowledgeable and proactive.

The first song, “Entro” has a powerful quote at the end which is “The pen is mightier than the sword but you must always keep the sword handy for when the pen fails.” This led to me believe that he is the type of person that wants to move people to rise against the struggles with his words but in the case that that fails he will be ready to fight with everything. That attitude can be seen in several songs like “War”, “Riot Music” and “Roads Less Travelled.”

One important issue that he talks about is how the youth is misled with all the garbage in the media. In the song “Roads Less Travelled” he talks about how little girls aspire to be “video whores” and not someone that is respected. He feels this is all due to how musicians portray their image and since it is what the young people to, they fall for that mentality. Again this is how he plans to stop these problems by using his words.

In this album Africa is not represented so much outside of the use of what appears to be African beats and sounds. There is only a couple songs where he talks about his homeland but overall it is not so much present in this album.

Overall the album was good in the sense that he was able to get his word out with different examples. I feel that it will be easy for people to listen and relate to what he is saying in his songs. Again his music skews away from the mainstream music that is in the United States so in that sense he stands out as well.

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