Blitz the Ambassador Biography

Samuel Bazawule (Blitz the Ambassador), was born April 1982 in Accra, Ghana. While growing up in Accra Blitz was surrounded by all different types of music, from Afro Beat to Highlife, Motown and Jazz. Blitz was born into a country where music was a major part of the culture. About the age 10, Blitz’s older brother exposed him to the American hip hop group Public Enemy. Blitz fell in love with their music and this ignited his passion for Hip Hop. After that he started to study other Hip Hop artist like Rakim and KRS-One.

At age 19, Blitz the Ambassador immigrated to the United States to go to school at Kent State University in Ohio. He was going for a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. While in school Blitz started to take his passion for Hip Hop seriously and managed to release mix tapes and eventually his 1st album Soul Rebel (2004). Also “he developed his skills as a live artist, performing at several live shows and opening for iconic rappers such as Rakim”(

After graduation Blitz the Ambassador moved to New York City to pursue his dreams of being a Hip Hop artist. He recorded his 2nd album Double Consciousness (2005) and 3rd album Stereotype (2009). It took Blitz three years to finally finish recording Stereotype and while in the process of it he created his own band called “The Embassy Ensemble”. Trying to get his album to be heard by society Blitz took Stereotype to many different record labels and none of them wanted to sign him. All of them wanted him to change himself so that he can be more appealing to the public. But instead of conforming to record labels idea of Hip Hop, Blitz established a label called “Embassy MVMT”. Through his record label, Blitz the Ambassador’s goal is to change Hip Hop in a positive way and give true Hip Hop fans the music they have been yearning for. Most recently Blitz the Ambassador released his 4th album Native Sun (2011) and has been downloaded on iTunes by thousands.

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