Blitz the Ambassador

Samuel Bazawule born April 19th 1982 in Ghana, known by the street name Blitz the Ambassador, is a Ghanaian hip-hop artist, filmmaker and visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. In his early life he became obsessed with hip-hop music after hearing his older brother music by Public Enemy. After graduation from Achimota School in 2000, he was first recognized by Ghanaian Producer “Hammer of the last two”. Impressively Dropping 8 bars upon meeting Hammer. In 2001 he moved to the to pursue his New York dream. Recorded Double Consciousness (2005) and more up to date he released Stereotype. He immersed himself in the project with explicit purpose of reconstructing hip -hop forever.

Blitz uses AAVE/HHNL (African American Vernacular English and Hip Hop Nation Language) Many African migrants uses these language methods. Blitz can bounce in between African and African American linguistics. Blitz is an artist whose music has a lot of different beats and sounds. In his lyrics he emulate an African American personality and utilize African American cultural cues in the lyrics. In his song “free at Last he thinks of him self as “Detroit Red” with a flow and he compares his from the average or jigaboo. Then Blitz went back into his Ghanaian Identity and uses AAVE/HHNL to spit commentary on African Immigrants and Ghanaian lives. Another song that “Akawabba Blitz does a 360 degree turn this is his third way of distinguishing a persona and also uses Ghanaian -coded language to show a distinct unique Ghanaian Identity.

in late 2009 Blitz the Ambassador was choosen as one of the Beyond Race Magazines “50 emerging Artists resulting in a spot in the publication with J.cole and others on the magazine cover. Blitz received the Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Contemporary Music and many more accomplishments.

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