Blitz The Ambassador

Blitz the Ambassador is one of Ghana’s most talented and promising MC’s. Originally a visual artist Samuel Bazawule was recognized for his talented eye during his stay at Achimota School. Sometime shorty after completion of school he transitioned into music  and the African music scene is greater because of it. From what I’ve come to understand about African Hip Hop and the artist that represent it Blitz the Ambassador is one of the best to come out of Africa.What I like most about this track is although it has international appeal Blitz doesn’t seem to be going out of his way to sell his music to anyone outside of Africa like some artist do in South Africa.

After his college graduation while still early on in his rap career Blitz relocated to NYC, the birthplace of Hip hop  to peruse a career in Hip Hop. With that being said there are certain voice cadences that NY hip hop artist use when they spit that Blitz uses often.  Although he was African born he’s truly an Ambassador of the country and the music scene there.

In featured track above “Hello Africa” the listener is seemingly taken on a musical tour through Africa via sound waves. However it’s not only through African sounds but there is a throwback to some underground sounds familiar to hip hop here in the states.  There is a Huston Texas influence with the chopped and screwed vocals that is almost reminiscent of UGK which communicates to me that Blitz is a hardcore fan of Hip Hop.

The track is rapped in a Ghanaian language and the instrumentation accompaniment seems to be a combination of american Hip Hop influence as well as traditional sounds of Africa. Blitz exercises his unique flow pattern and NY influenced cadences over the lavish instrumental and the result is a seeming less blend.

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