Black Girl Fly

            Ugandan rapper Recho Rey is the epitome of her other moniker Black Girl Fly. Rachael Mirembe, of the Baganda tribe, has been interested in music since a child. She used to mimic American rappers P. Diddy, Ludacris and 50 Cent in her younger days. Now she flaunts her lyrical skills by not backing down from any challenge. In 2017, she impressed many by being the only female rapper to participate in the MTN Cypher Competition. A year later, she stood out for replying to Feffe Busi’s diss track in a song called “Who is She”. Recho Rey has already been getting recognition for her talents as one of the hottest young rappers in Uganda. She won Female Rapper of the Year and Rookie of the Year at the MTN UG Hip Hop Awards. She’s also currently nominated to be the Central Rapper of the Year at the 256 Hip Hop Awards.

One look at a few social media comments will show the unnecessary scrutiny that female rappers have to endure. One interview written to praise Recho’s talents unnecessarily opened by mentioning the previous reigning Queen of Ugandan rap Keko’s drug use and scandals. It’s a perfect example of how female rappers are always compared to each other. One Twitter user commented to a flyer of a colorful Rey “Am really happy ov her she is now acting like a Woman .She used to act like a Guy in her days ov Who is She song”. In reference to another rapper who they believed needs to alter their image, another user claimed, “Hewill need to change like the way I see how Recho Rey changed to attract the mainstream appeal.” This comment emphasizes the lack of fluidity female rappers have in their gender expression. Her choice to dress more feminine is assumed to be a conscious decision that was made to boost her career. Despite these irrelevant criticisms, Recho Rey keeps her head high by being confident, focused and putting God first.

In this video, Recho Rey encourages women to pursue rap.

You can stay updated with her music by following her on Youtube – Recho Rey official.

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