“Bisa” – Blitz the Ambassador Ft. Nneka, Ty

Born in Accra, Ghana, Blitz the Ambassador was born Samuel Bazawule. In his early childhood, he developed a passion for visual art as well as hip hop and music in general. After his graduation in 2000, his socially-aware, historically-loaded rhymes gained much popularity in his community. He was first recognized by Ghanaian Ace producer Hammer of The Last Two and gained instant notoriety, winning an award for best new artist at the 2000 Ghana Music Awards. Blitz moved to the states in 2001 where he began to study at Kent State University. It was there where he developed his skills as a live artist, opening up for many different artists and even releasing his very own self-recorded album in 2004. After graduating from KSU, Blitz moved to New York City to pursue his career as a rapper.

His recent single, “Bisa,” which means “to ask,” or “to question,” is a song rooted in revolutionary ideology. Blitz the Ambassador uses this song to empower his people to question those in authority, to look deeper into their given circumstances and to stand against oppression, capitalism and inferiority complexes. Blitz, in this song, could be considered a modern day griot, speaking out on many of the issues his people face today. “Either or war is how they making they funds/ Show me a factory in Africa that’s manufacturing guns/ Yet there’s AK 47’s in every village but no food.” With a modern sounding track and the mellow voice of Nneka to accompany his rhymes, Blitz the Ambassador uplifts, empowers and revives the people of his country.


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