Big Sow Album Review: In Due Time

Big Sow’s is a rapper who lives in the United States and is of Ghanian Decent. His current project is done almost entirely in English on In Due Time (2012) Mukwanga is the Motive is one of the two tracks where Big Sow showcases his multi-lingual skills and on both songs that he does so are body moving. Sow doesn’t speak of an experience of immigrating but he does acknowledge he is from Ghana throughout his album.

His representation is clearly representative of todays current Black American rap culture. Sow doesn’t speak of immigration or politics in this album that I reviewed. Sow’s audience he seems to be reaching out to is  international audience but his lyrics and style is very American. On his songs 6ft 7 Free Style and Get down where he rhymes over a Snoop Dogg and a Nas Beat he seems where he has a few lines on  Black on Black violence against each other. On Real G ‘til I Die is another track where he displays more of his lyrical style which is reminiscent to the rapper Chamillionaire with a slight feel of 50 Cent too. The music on his song Com’on is very smooth and melodic. The piano, the woman’s voice along with Big Sow belong together on this song. On They Can’t See Me Sow’s you can see how versatile and quick-witted he is. His music is very American culture oriented in his rhymes and on this album that I reviewed there wasn’t a large presence of a representation of Ghana.

Overall Big Sow is a good rapper he and he has the current formula down of what it takes to succeed as a rapper today. Money, women, to be a soldier, smoking weed and shine. He has good rhymes and most of his beats are catchy and easy to dance to also. With the exception of only one house influenced song on his most current project I listened to I liked much of it. In Due Time (2012) I thought is was a good album. After listening to this album several times, some of my favorite songs on this are Big Sow’s song Mukwanga Ndio MotiveCom’on and They Can’t See Me. Big Sow has his current mix-tape available to download DOWNLOAD HERE

There is a video on YouTube for Money is the Motive. It is not an official video but there are a few pictures of him on the collaboration he did with two other artist. He is also active on social networks. His tumblr page is linked below.


Big Sow’s Tumblr

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