“Big Boys Don’t Cry!” & Other Lies Perpetuated By Society.

Toni Blackman is a female rapper who is of African decent. In her song “Big Boy Cry Too” from the album “Nova Nu Soul” she discusses social norms that should be abolished. She starts off by talking of a relationship and how she has something on her mind that she must get off her chest. The thing on her chest is that the man was crying on her back on they were sleeping but he wont discuss and she doesn’t feel okay about it. The guy in the relationship has been brought up on old social norms that say boys are allowed to be emotional and that is what females do. This norm is something she believes is not true and men in relationship should express themselves. She wants a man to stand up and make a change about it.

I believe this song is a great song and talks about a very relevant topic that I am interested in. The concept of gender roles is something that needs to be abolished because everybody should be able to do what they want to do. If a guy wants to be a stay at home dad he should be able to and not be criticized. If a woman doesn’t want to wear makeup and get dressed in men clothing her sexuality shouldn’t be questioned. This song basically covers a bunch of issues and how Blackman addresses it is wonderful. I give this song two thumbs up because lyrics, flow, and solutions.

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