Battle Of The Year Nigeria 2019

Battle Of The Year Nigeria 2019 Brings Da Ruckus*

You don’t wanna miss this!
Brace yourself for yet another Hip Hop Dance Battle action as Battle Of The Year Nigeria 2019 Brings Da Ruckus

Come watch the best B-boy Crews from across the country as they compete for the spot of the number One B-boy Crew in Nigeria.

Day One: Saturday 24th of August
B-boy and B-girl 1 versus 1 Battles, Popping, Locking Krump and Afro Dance 2 versus 2 Battles. Time 10am.

Day Two: Sunday 25th of August
B-boy Crew Showcases and Battles. Time 2pm.

Judges: B-boy JC Jedor, B-boy Spinoza and Bboy Mounir from Vagabond Crew, France.

Break beats to be provided by DJ Teckzilla, DJ Tee and DJ OZ.

Music performances by Illbliss, AQ, Phlow and BOTY Rap Cypher

Hosts: Rapmania Tha X and PG Blao

All activities take place at the Sports Hall, National Stadium. Surulere, Lagos.

Tickets available at N500 Regular and N1000 Standard at

I.G- @botynigeria
Twitter- @botynigeria

Battle of the Year Nigeria


…..Let the Battle Begin

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