Batistuta: hot new producer/ artist that is changing the game

By: Malaysia Robinson

Mahmoud Ashraf, also known as Batistuta is known for being one of Egypt’s hot new and upcoming producer who has been accelerating his career as a rapper. Batistuta went through a hard life as a child as he was introduced to life situations and social issues that children are not supposed to see, however he was able to utilize those experiences and the problems he sees and has already seen in the world in his music.

In the song, “New Wave”, Batistuta compares the life of feeling like a slave, and doing what society and the world expected him to do to the new world or the ‘new wave’. Batistuta discusses that this new wave “has an advantage” as it gives me the freedom out of the world that will never be corrected. Within the lyrics, the artist mentions the transitions of being a slave; a slave to society and the system that suppresses us, and how they are now able to see him “flexing” and accomplishing all his goals that no one thought he could.

The video was also very interesting as it reflects the lyrics in the song as well as the journey from being stuck doing what society expected him to: living in a poor apartment, and getting wrapped up into the partying, and the drugs as he begins the video smoking in a regular winter coat, but then as he begins to discuss his freedoms from that period and feeling like a slave, he was able to overcome that. He then begins to showcase his previous performances with the crowd at capacity, and in fancy suits having fun with his friends. Its also interesting how the artist changes the tone of the song throughout. When he was stuck in that societal norm, the song was slower, however as it progressed the tempo got faster, and the beat began to drop. Overall, the song was a wonderful showcase of what every artist dream of; being able to escape from that previous life and become a star.

Alexandrian Rap Sensation Batistuta Goes Viral With Occult-Inspired Video  For 'The Magician'
Retrieved from: Alexandrian Rap Sensation Batistuta Goes Viral With Occult-Inspired Video For ‘The Magician’ (

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