Bas: Bass, bars, and bail

Bas is next up. Simple as that. Born to Sudanese parents in France and raised in the States, Bas already has the background of a well-traveled artist. And his cacophonic cultural composition is present in every Bar filled blitz of artistic expression. In no other song is his skill more apparent than in the song My Nigga Just Made Bail. It is not a recent tune but to me as an avid listener it marks a distinct turn in both his style and recognized potential. With a heavy hitter like J. Cole on the track and couched by smooth island-esque guitar loops the track is a statement regarding Bas’ skill and deft at creating an atmosphere within his verses. And he has only gotten better. His more recent tracks like Purge and Icarus featuring Ari Lennox further showcase his ability to bombard you with bar after bar while also creating a vibe that is all but indescribable. His beats are smooth, melodic creations littered with piano riffs and the echo of a saxophone and yet he does not subscribe to the lo-fi hip hop his beats would seem to suggest. He stands tall and proves time and time again that not only is he a more than capable wordsmith, but he can hang with anyone that dares step into the booth with him. He arrived then, but he cemented his claim to the Dream Ville throne with his song Amnesia. Again, his patented style is on full display. A calm and luscious beat laced with verbosity that would make Shakespeare jealous. He will not be denied and as he raps over what sounds like muted pianos and a jaunty electric guitar, he realizes a vision from 8 years ago that started with My Nigga Just Made Bail. Bas is up now. Simple as that.

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