Backseat- Little Simz

Little Simz is a rapper from London, United Kingdom. She is born from two Nigerian parents. She gained fame through her television gigs but saw music as her real calling long before she reached the screen. Many of the songs that she performs discusses a lot of femininity and how many some of her “haters” view her as just a frail woman who doesn’t know how to rap. It is a reality in her world that many women are not taken seriously in the hip-hop world. Little Simz discusses small aspects of her hometown. She discussed moments in her childhood and how society affected her as a child. In some lines to her song “Backseat” she talks about “All my life caught the bus home, through the north side; Then I got pedal bike, momma flipped when I got home; Like people get killed out here, but mummy I’m a rider and a fighter”. Little Simz is discussing her hometown’s community and what usually takes place in the area. With this line we can see that she grew up in a dangerous neighborhood and her mother constantly feared something may happen to her. Yet, Little Simz continues to should how strong and how powerful she is to her mother.

Little Simz doesn’t necessarily rep her country too much in her song, but when she does is fairly minor. She is not the typical female rapper you would see that does a lot more than they need to, such as, wearing revealing clothing or being very blunt with their lyrics. Little Simz even defines herself as timid and quiet, however she knows when to attack. It can also be noted that Little Simz has a heavy influence of American hip-hop culture. She mention J-cole in this video and I can conclude that he is a influence for her.


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