Back Back- Lola Monroe

Lola Monroe is a rapper, model, actress, entrepreneur, and mother from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Lola describes herself as a “boss lady, health advocate, and self-love advocate”. She discusses the importance of supporting and empowering other women she says women have a magnitude of power when they work together. She started her music career in 2009 where she released her first mixtape “Boss Bitch’s World”. As she started to release music her career started to boom she was nominated for Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the BET awards in 2011. She has worked with multiple artists including Wiz Khalifa, Trina, Kid Ink., King Los, Lil Boosie, etc. 

Lola’s latest single released in 2020 Back Back ft King Los discusses a relationship between the two artists. She says working with her boyfriend King Los is more of like working with a business partner and they still put pressure on their work. Lola goes overconfidence and being one of a kind. This is mentioned several times from our discussions and interviews we’ve had with women artists. One that immediately came to mind was the interview with Gigi Lamayne she highlighted how she was representing feminism that is inclusive, fun, and sexy. Gigi speaks about how it’s okay to be sexy and be proud of your sexuality and expressing it. 

Lola Monroe talks about her sexiness and generally covers how she is confident about her body. She is owning her sexiness and owning the fact that other people recognize it. Lola Monroe uses braggadocio where she claims her position with her man King Los. She states how no other woman can compare to her and she is unique. Even as much as this song may use braggadocio it still is so catchy and also may boost your confidence. The beats and the lyrics also get you hyped!

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