Atras do Prejuizo – mck ft. Beto de Almeida

MCK, the well-known Angolan rapper, has been in the rap and hip hop scene for a few decades now. He is always known for creating songs that deal with real issues affecting his African brothers and sisters. He is most known for his musical protest against Angola’s former President Eduardo dos Santos on the grounds of poverty and repression. Being outspoken about these issues has always come easy to make because he was born in one of Angola’s  poorest areas, Catambor. At the peak of his career, his social consciousness made him so relatable and genuine because he was not creating music for money or fame, but to uplift Angolans and spread knowledge. 

His most acclaimed album was entitled, ‘Proibido Ouvir Isto’ (Forbidden to Hear This) in December, 2011. His music straddles Upon its debut, he released this statement, “Angolan hip-hop is an active force that came to revive the fighting spirit of the music made in the 60’s and 70’s against colonial oppression”. The most popular song from the album was ‘Atras do Prejuizo’ (Behind the Loss), and is known as a classic within the country. 

The music video is endearing and shows a community coming together, and learning through a rapper, a wordsmith, a modern day griot. The song, itself, explores human rights issues that the average Angolan endures due to government’s corruption and capitalistic greed rooted in post-colonialism. MCK goes as far as even calling their living circumstances “modern slavery”, and his listeners, especially the youth, completely agree with him. For foreign listeners, the english translation is included below.

Today the sun rose earlier
The day started
The cock crowed at 4 am
Reasons for poetry
I thank God
For another day of life
6 am
I'm ready to hit
Canister on the back
I don't have water at home
I'll steal under the bridge
I have to go red-hot
Next I go to Kixima
Stem the python
A can of milk
2 eggs and a pibéu
This bullet
I have to give it to Fau
See you soon Jamila
Grandma Domingas bye
I tore the musseque
I'm already on the asphalt
Citizens complain
Prices are higher
Trash on the street
Another morning countenance
Fuel rise
It's newspaper headline
The grocer screams the name
Of the product you sell
Of the catá that harnessed
To see if the scene yields
Canucos walk to school
In white coats
Short skirts show hips
From the sticks
From May to Nzinga
Speak well Katró
Made in the taxi
The collector is my bro
Kuduro on the speaker
Sound of Fofando
I was listening
The sound of Fofando
I'll smile so I don't cry
It's another day of my life
I'll sing to not think
The tricks of this life
I'll smile so I don't cry
It's another day of my life
I'll sing to not think
The malambas of this life
The trip looked like a Formula 1 race
Nduta doesn't respect any sign ya
I arrived at school at 7:30 am
Willing to catch the matter
And spending 30
I was disappointed
Right at the gate, college strike
Doctors claim salary
Time is kumbu, I'll take my foot
I will spend the taxi mass in an internet café
I'm back home
Enjoying the street
Mano da la 10, misery continues
I almost cried when I saw
I couldn't take the impact
In fact I was overwhelmed
A man kicking
A pregnant buzzard
He was a fiscal policeman with his smart attitude
As in some cry
The one who always smiles
A kota drowned the sadness with a Cuca BGI
The kinguila smiles because she filled the bag
Kixiquila surrendered, order another gauge
A very good lady came to me for help
(They received the phone) Eh! Ginger star
I didn’t stop, I didn’t hear
I continued, who avoids is not stupid
A knife is still stuck in your neck
It's 12:30 pm it's time for lunch
It's 12:30 pm it's time for lunch
I'll smile so I don't cry
It's another day of my life
I'll sing to not think
The tricks of this life
I'll smile so I don't cry
It's another day of my life
I'll sing to not think
The tricks of this life
Sharp, I have to give it to the salon
Today I have some deliveries in São Paulo
Vaiser in the look, charm in the image
I'm a sales promoter
And I earn the percentage
I have to have a strong chacho
To buy the manager
My salon is advertising
And attract customers
In peace in humility
Is everything alright
I have to work hard
I'll go to someone else
I already got four sales
Now I will run after the orders
I signed a contract well
With a warehouse owner
I ended the day in a big way
I like notes
All big head
All calm is necessary
Because of thieves
Not all are passengers
Watch out for jerks
I got home fatigued
I'm going right to bed
I'm busted
Today I don't want to see the lady
Today I don't cock the lady (right to bed)

Although MCK has a genuine soul and powerful lyrics, he also has an incomparable flow and rap style.  Influenced by US Hip Hop and Rap from the 90s, he also uses Angolan slang which  strengthens his grip on the youth. Because he grew up in Luanda’s musseques (slums), his message comes naturally and is extremely relatable to Angolans, but hated by the government. His music was combat rap because no one was doing it before him. His concerts were censored by the government.In 2017, he was. also almost sent to jail for his music. His music was the call to action. You can find his music on YouTube through the link posted further up in the article. His music is unfortunately not on Apple Music, Spotify, or other streaming platforms. MCK does not participate on social media platforms.

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