ATI Stands With The Entertainment Industry

ATI performs with great energy and charisma during one of his concerts.

In the country of Botswana, much political corruption can occur. ATI, a prominent hip hop artist in Botswana, published a song in the summer of 2020, addressing the political corruption occurring in his country. The song, titled “Stimamolelo,” was directed at Tumiso Rakgare, who was the Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, creatives in the arts industry have not been able to thrive due to the financial burden imposed upon them. ATI and other creatives in Botswana have cried out for attention to be directed to their sector. With their industry under a serious economic attack, citizens have united to defend the creatives since their work is what brings everyone together.

              Within the music video, ATI is seen walking through the streets of his city with various supporters enclosing him and protesting alongside him. One citizen can be seen holding up a sign stating “We want change,” while other protestors can be saying laying on the ground with officers standing over them. It is clear that ATI aims to stand in solidarity with his fans by supporting them through his music and standing for a strong message. One notable detail in the music video is that ATI sees himself on the same level as his supporters. He does not see himself as any better and he does not try to take the limelight at any point in time. Almost every scene includes a large group of people protesting and marching alongside ATI while he shows love to them by conversing and taking pictures with him. Given that the entertainment industry has been shut since March of 2020, ATI has stood up for everyone including poets, comedians, actors, choirs, etc. After not showing up to a meeting with Tumiso Rakgare, ATI has expressed interest in meeting with President Mokgweetsi Masisi to push for reform and financial assistance to be directed toward the entertainment industry.

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