Artist Biography: “M.anifest”

Born as Kwame Ametepee Tsikata, on November 20, 1982 but known to the world as M.anifest is Ghana’s own songwriter and rapper. M.anifest is the grandson of an influential African ethnomusicologist, which is one who studies the science of music, specifically traditional or non-Western music. In 2001 M.anifest migrated to the United States of America to Minneapolis where he attended Macalaster College. In 2005 he went on to graduate from the University with a bachelors degree in economics.

He’s released three albums. First was his debut album called “Manifestations” released in 2007, then there’s his sophomore album “Immigrant Chronicles: Coming to America” released in September of 2011. He also has a free album that he released in 2009 called “The Birds and the Beats” to raise funds and awareness for the work of a non-profit organization called Young Entrepreneurs Africa.

M.anifest is the co-founder of Giant Steps which is an interactive conference for creative entrepreneurs. In 2010, he was voted as MTV’s new artist to look out for on the program “Seven”. He was also voted City Pages “Songwriter of the Year” for his debut album “Manifestations”. He currently lives in Minneapolis and Accra, Ghana.

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