Arabian Knightz Biography

The Arabian Knightz is a rap group consisting of three members. Karim Adel whose stage name is Rush, Hesham Abed whose stage name is Sphinx, and Ehab Adel whose stage name is E-money. The group originated in Cairo, Egypt, and was created in 2005. They rose to fame after having released their single,” Rebel,” immediately after the internet censorship measure were lifted after the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. The song samples Lauryn Hill’s son, “I Find It Hard To Say,” from her 2002 unplugged performance on MTV as the chorus. The song is set to inspire an uprising against systematic oppression within Egyptian culture and its inhabitants.

As stated before, The Arabian Knightz released “Rebel” ft Lauryn Hill immediately after internet censorship was lifted in Egypt. As a result it became the first track to be released during to aftermath of the censorship. As a result, the single gained recognition within the country. After the LP was released, The Arabian Knightz fame increased to a commercialized level, expanding toward the United States.

Following the release of their album, The Arabian Knightz were capable of leaving their mark on the United State’s music market, even if just a scratch. They gained a good amount of traction within the States, having been able to reach Itunes’ top 200 chart and gaining attention from U.S. media sources. One major U.S. newspaper the Washington Post, and the U.K’s BBC acknowledged the groups message and struggle for liberation.

It is no surprise that the music gained as much traction as it did within the U.S. seeing as how the group had been previously and consequently coached by such American producers as Fred Wreck, 4th Disciple, and Cilvaringz. As a result, adopting what American audiences deem as acceptable to their musical tastes.

In addition, certain media sources within their own country have drawn similarities between The Arabian Knightz, Cypress Hill, and N.W.A. Which places them up pretty high in terms of rap mogul statuses.

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