Another Banger By Bangz

By Branford Bland

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For this post, I had to revisit the artist that I wrote about for my first blog post, Ur Boy Bangz. This week, in my blog post, we will be analyzing Bangz’ song, “Take U to McDonald’s.” You may recall from my first post that Bangz also has a song called, “Take you to the Movies.” These date themed songs are recurring throughout Bangz’ work, in fact, he also has a song titled, “Take U to Starbucks” and “Take U 4 A Dinner.” I have a few hypothesize as to why Bangz has made so many similar songs. The first hypothesis is that he is trying to utilize American brand recognition to connect with each of the company’s global customer base. Millions of people love Mcdonald’s, millions of people love Starbucks, and I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like Dinner or a Movie. My second hypothesis is that Bangs is writing about things he loves personally, which is common for rappers to do.

When analyzing the details of the “Take U to McDonald’s” music video, a few things stand out: one thing, in particular, is the props Bangz decided to use. In multiple shots, Bangs is pictured rolling around in the grass with a McDonald’s sandwich and a large drink. Although I can relate to the bliss Bangz must have been feeling while enjoying his happy meal, the scene was a little strange to watch for a music video. The next thing I noticed was that Bangz used more natural settings compared to the abundant green screen usage in the video for “Take you to the Movies.” Another detail I noticed was that Bangz engaged in multiple wardrobes changes throughout the music video. In addition, it appeared that he was making an effort to match the color scheme of McDonald’s. All of his outfits had red on it, and one outfit was a red button down and yellow tie combination (he completed the look with black basketball shorts and fuzzy crocs – neither of which are consistent with the McDonald’s theme, but each was an interesting addition to the final look). Overall, a lot of things improved from the last music video I examined, and I look forward to seeing what Bangz produces in the future.

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