Angell Mutoni

Angell Mutoni is a poet, rapper, and singer-songwriter. Her eclectic music taste allows her the freedom to be musically experimental, and she often chooses to branch out into other genres such as Soul and R&B.

Angell was born into an extremely artistic family. Based out of Kigali, Rwanda, she looked up to her father who was a musician and would often bring her into his studio to teach her the basics of music. This was where she originally discovered her attraction to music, and where she was first drawn to create. She first picked up a microphone to perform in high school and recorded her first official track shortly after graduating.

Since graduating, she’s been releasing music on her own and collaboratively. Her song “Let Loose“, which features artist Kevin Klein, works as the feminist anthem I never knew my life was lacking. I didn’t expect to become so invested in the lyricism that Angell employs, but her enthusiasm and strength are contagious. Essentially, she ate this song up. Her decision to use such an upbeat tempo while simultaneously incorporating lyrics like “let loose, I know you had a long day, every day’s a fight so let loose” speaks to her ability to connect and resonate with her audience, and it is through these lyrics that she, like many other African artists, presents her own representations of the who the African woman can be while also addressing the multidimensionality of who the African woman already is. The track functions as a dramatic change of pace, as it allows the women she speaks to feel empowered without being reminded of the hardships that they face.

Angell, like many other female emcees, seeks to navigate the patriarchal culture that inherently comes with being a hip hop artist. She undertakes the task gracefully and establishes both her strength and her right to be taken seriously as an emcee while also making sure to lift up the women that surround her.

Outside of her music releases, you can find Angell on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter

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