An Underrated Queen

A review of “African Fever” by Muthoni Drummer Queen

Muthoni Drummer Queen is a Kenyan hip hop artist. Muthoni Drummer Queen has a multitude of talents: she’s a rapper, drummer, and known as a cultural entrepreneur. She infuses music styles from several different cultures into her music to paint a picture with her own unique music, as a unique art form. 

One can find many of Muthoni Drummer Queen’s artistic elements in this song, entitled “African Fever,” both musically and visually. As soon as I started watching the video, personally, I knew I would like the song. The beginning of the video switches between different short clips as the beat changes, which immediately captured my attention. Once the verse starts, the video completely focuses on her, which made me focus on her lyrics rather than the beat. She starts off pretty much by saying you can’t touch her, and she really is THAT girl. The song continues as she is saying how she is the best on the beat, the star of the movie, and no one is better, all delivered with confidence and style throughout the video. The beat is slower which gives the song a chill vibe, and lets the lyrics speak for themselves. I also like that she incorporated both English and Swahili in her lyrics to appeal to different audiences.

Each part of the music video enhances the song by adding pops of color through the wardrobe and hair to the more dull and monochromatic backgrounds in the video, creating an added flare to the entire song.

Overall, I believe she is underrated. Why? Because her music is definitely capable of appealing to different audiences and different types of people yet she is not one of the bigger name artists that you hear about consistently. I hope that more people find out about Muthoni Drummer Queen. I will definitely put people on to this hit. Definitely a 10/10.

Watch the video for the song below!

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