Algerian Rap – La Politique Des Bandits by Lotfi Double Kanon

Cover Art for Lotfi DK’s Album, ‘Kobay’

Lotfi Double Kanon, also known by his stage as Lotfi DK and born Lotfi Belamri in an Arab and Chaoui household on July 6, 1974, in Annaba’s well-known “La Colonne” neighborhood, is an Algerian rapper and television personality. He is revered as the king of Algerian rap by many Algerians.

In his song, ‘La Politique Des Bandits’, Lotfi DK speaks to the political unrest in his home country of Algeria. Released in 2022, the song does not include a video. Criticizing the government, he retells the lies and terrible things the governing party has done to Algerian citizens. The chorus continues to state, “The politics, the economy, these political bandits”.

The song has fast beat, a classic to the old-school style that Lotfi DK is known for, claiming his title as the King of Algerian Rap. The song gives very much a cry of political protest, having sirens and bullets in the background. The song ends with a rant from Lotfi DK, where he speaks words of a call of unity, and a condemnation of the policies put in place to cause division and chaos between Algerian families.

This song stems away from the other songs Lotfi DK has released during the 2022 year, such as the song, ‘Maztoule’, which is a much more upbeat and lighthearted song. This is not the first time he has released a politically charged song, calling for action and unity while simultaneously harshly condemning the injustices happening within Algeria. Lotfi DK has shown himself time and time again to be an artist of substance, calling out to his fans and listeners to be true and real to themselves, not only in how they feel but how they act in the face of oppression. One of the many reasons why he is a well-respected artist throughout his lengthy career.

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