Album Review “troubador”

K’naan’s second album was a different aspect compared to his first. his first had a lot to do with his family, culture, and old traditions. in the second one he has about the same idea but converted differently. he adds more hip hop with his nusic, and begins to talk about other problems he faces. The song “Wavin Flags” is a song he has in this album and he talks about the nations getting together and becoming one. it later becomes the FIFA National Anthem. He also has a song that is called “ABC’s” talking about the way the education system is ran and how they only teach certain things that they only want others to see. He mixes this song with other artists such as David Guetta & to make it better than it’s original version.  there is a song i wasnt entirely sure about until i did research and saw the video to the song called “Fatima” and K’naan talks about this girl that was taken away by Traffickers and was killed by them. her parents sold her to them when she was littler. K’Naan mentions that he had fallen in love with this girl so he talks about the pain he went through when they took her. this CD has more hip hops mixes than the first one intended to the younger generation that likes hip hop

throughout the CD just like the first CD he tends to talk in another language. He talks in his indian language in many songs, but also adds english into them. in this CD he doesnt talk about immigration that much, in the song “ABC’s” he mentions the education system and relates it to the other education he learned and the differences. he likes to mention his mother’s struggle in immigration but not as much as the first CD had.  in the song “Wavin flags” K’Naan talks about his country and how we should all be combined and united, despite the color, race, or ethnicity. Something K’Naan likes to talk about is politics, he likes to talk about our government and how we like war and how our system isnt good etc. K’Naan talks a lot about African Americans in Somalia and their cutoms and traditions and constantly compares them to the system, cultures and traditions here.

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