Album Review – Krukid : “Raisin in the Sun”

Initially I was warned about Krukid/Ruyonga speaking in pigeon tongue, but after listening through the whole album found that he was pronunciation was not hard at all to apprehend. It may not be the same case with others who do not have a profound interest in hip hop culture, but be at ease it is a good album. I very seldom listen to hip hop artists outside of the United States, mostly underground artists. What I found interesting was that all the beats had a really good flow to them, not to hard, but mellow, similar to underground hip hop, so I dig it. 

Krukid emphasizes that going to America would be a dream compared to the poverty stricken Africa. But don’t be fooled by his desire to bang hot white chicks because he is all about that hip hop hustle of promoting Africa mainly Uganda his home. Unlike todays many rappers spitting about hoes and money and hoes, Krukid keeps it real and talks about his ambition of life and following his dream. One thing he does have in common with some Emcees is his abundance of the topic of love hip hop, stipulating different aspects of love and desire. Because of this it seems like his intended audience is the helpless romantics out there that are self conscious about things and have no way of illustrating their pain. All in all I do recommend this album because there is a deeper meaning behind the music all you gotta do is listen.

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