AKA, was born Kiernan Jordan Forbes was born in CapeTown, South Africa on January 28th, 1988. After years of schooling, and attaining his degree in sound engineering at St. John’s college, AKA really begun his solo career in the music industry. However, at a very young age, AKA, while in high school formed a group called entity. This group was so talented, that in 2005, Entity released their first album, and soon after received their first nomination for “Best African Hip Hop” at the KORA awards. Although a very talented group, a year after their nomination, Entity disbanded due to, what many say AKA’s focus on his academics.

A year after disbanding from his group, AKA established a production collective titled, ” I.V. League” with the help of other producers. During this period, I.V. League produce for several famous artist in South Africa, such as Proverb, Psyfo, and PRO.

The establishment of IV League opened doors for me, as I had opportunity to meet the right people.” – AKA

After making a big impact on the production company in South Africa, AKA realized that he rather perform than produce, and there begun his solo career. During his time as a solo artist, AKA made hits like “Mistakes” and ” Do it”,  with “Do it” climbing to number 1 on the South African top 40.

Although AKA had accumulated much recognition prior to his solo career, it wasn’t until 2011 that he became a household name. In August, AKA finally released his solo album which came with overwhelming success and several awards under his belt, such as the “Best New Comer”, ” Best Hip HOP”, and many, many more.

One of AKA’s most popular music videos comprises of  “Victory Lap” which won Channel O’s Most Gifted Hip-hop video at the 7th annual Channel O Africa Music Video Awards.

Perhaps AKA didn’t start off with over-night stardom, however, his consistency and passion for music continued to impact listeners around the world.

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